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Reentry Services

No two returning citizens have the same story. Because of this, we strive to provide multifaceted reentry services that accommodate each individual on their own terms.

Community Pop-Ups

In 2021, Community Pop-Ups helped 700 individuals receive birth certificate vouchers and 400 individuals receive ID vouchers.

Transitional Housing

ARCH's transitional house for women provides a safe place for returning women to reside while ARCH staff work to link them to long-term, affordable housing, and stable employment.


Please be aware that the

house is currently full.

Branches Realty

Branches Real Estate is Ohio’s first nonprofit, full-service real estate agency, we provide real estate services throughout northeast Ohio.

Workforce Development

ARCH operates several programs both pre and post release to make sure returning citizens are ready and able to return to the workforce, and subsequently their lives.

Direct Services

People coming out of prison often lack the most basic of necessities. Our Program Coordinator links clients to local resources and programs that can help them get back on their feet.

HOPE Letters

HOPE Letters is a pathway to safely developing healthy mentoring relationships through correspondence with individuals who are experiencing some type of incarceration or temporary removal from the greater community.

Grow With Google

This program equips people impacted by the justice system with digital skills for modern jobs.

Settling the Score

Settling the Score (STS) is an 8-week trauma-informed psychoeducational peer support group where participants can explore trauma, resilience, and coping mechanisms to help heal and understand trauma.  

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