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Help us bring digital skills to people touched by the justice system!

ARCH is proud to partner with Grow with Google to equip people who have been impacted by the justice system with digital skills they can use to get a job or start a business.


Through Broadband Ohio funding we will be providing free Chromebooks to eligible individuals who participate in the Grow with Google classes. If you're an organization, business, or group interested in hosting a class, contact us below.


Free Chromebooks  for students while supplies last!

The Facts

As society becomes more reliant on digital technologies, incarcerated people become increasingly unable to find work and, in some aspects, participate in the larger community.


The percent of middle-skill jobs in the U.S. require digital proficiency.


The percent of returning citizens report being employed two months after release


How many people the Grow With Google program will assist in becoming digitally literate.

Grow with Google will prepare individuals for a digital world.

As part of this initiative, we are offering trainings that were developed by Grow with Google and curated by five justice reform focused organizations to help people build digital skills to get back into the workforce.


Lessons range from basic skills training on topics like job searching and resume building, to more advanced training on topics like using spreadsheets to budget for a business.


Workshop Paths

These trainings are designed to help people learn

critical digital skills for the evolving job market.


Getting Started with the Basics

In this workshop series, students will learn about turning on computers, using the internet, sending and receiving emails, writing a professional email, account creation, and more.


Job Readiness

Students will learn how to write professional emails for specific workplace situations, how to give and receive written feedback, how to track finances, organize and manage time better, and how to create a presentation.


Job Search

This workshop series will teach individuals how to search for jobs online and how to prepare resumes, cover letters, and references.


Online Safety

The workshop series focuses on learning how to recognize scams, creating strong passwords, tracking your digital footprint, and determining if sources are credible.


Next Step - Job Readiness Skills

Students will plan a team project, track its progress, improve digital communication and collaboration skills, and a host of entrepreneurial skills

This initiative is only possible with the help of BroadbandOhio and Google.


Interested in hosting a Grow with Google workshop?

We are partnering with correctional facilities, specialty dockets, community-based reentry and workforce programs, halfway houses, and others to make the training available to a wide range of individuals in Central Ohio. If hosting a class sounds like something you'd like to know more about, let us know!

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