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Transitional Women's House

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At ARCH we believe that the best way to strengthen our community is to invest in our neighbors.

Formerly incarcerated individuals are our neighbors, and we are devoted

to assisting them on their path of reintegration and restoration.

Because of this belief, we have opened ARCH's first transitional house for women looking to get back on their feet.

Who is it for?

This house provides a safe place for returning women to reside while ARCH staff work to link them to long-term, affordable housing, and stable employment. This house will not be a permanent solution, but a supportive and safe place on the road to restoration.

Along with eight (8) boarding rooms, there is a family unit available for mothers and their children so that they may stay together and safe while waiting for long-term housing. Keeping families together while they re-establish their lives is a priority at ARCH.

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