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Harry Cox Wins Jerry Revish Restoring Citizens Award

Harry J. Cox is a dedicated professional with decades of experience and leadership in reentry, addiction, and workforce development. He is currently a Workforce Development Specialist with ARCH, leading a workforce development program at Cafe Overlook, a new social enterprise cafe located at the Franklin County Courthouse Building.
Harry profoundly understands the challenges faced by individuals seeking to reintegrate into society, drawing from his personal experience within the justice system.
With his extensive experience, unwavering dedication, and profound empathy, Harry J. Cox has spent decades positively impacting the lives of restored citizens and individuals facing various challenges. Prior to his current position at ARCH, Harry held key roles in the field, including program manager for group response subversion (GRASP) at ALVIS 180. He also served as the Manger for Pathway for Men, collaborating with the Office of Ohio Justice Policy and Programs (OJPP) to develop impactful initiatives.
Harry was instrumental in establishing the HOPES Program, which provides culinary certifications to incarcerated individuals at ODRC, opening up new opportunities for them upon release. Recognized for his exceptional contributions, Harry received the prestigious Ohio Louis Stokes Award in 2013.
Restored Citizen Summit


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