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ARCH Serves Up Change with Cafe Overlook

The ARCH Business Network has partnered with Cafe Overlook and Job and Family Services to provide comprehensive workforce development/coaching and case management to individuals who are offered employment at Cafe Overlook.

Located on the 16th floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, Cafe Overlook is a joint project from Service! Relief for Hospitality Workers, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, Accompanying Returning Citizens with Hope (ARCH), and ECDI.

The goal of Cafe Overlook is to build a strong pipeline from entry level training to a steady career in the hospitality, restaurant, or service industry.

The project supports an evolving work environment in the hospitality industry by providing food service workers with everything they need to thrive, from a living wage and health insurance, transportation support, and job coaching.

ARCH is committed to providing employees with the tools and resources needed to establish sustainability and build good employee and employer relationships.

Leading this initiative is ARCH's Workforce Development Specialist, Harry Cox, MA/LCDCIII.

Harry provides workforce development training and supportive services to our employer partners. Harry worked extensively in behavioral health with justice-involved individuals. After experiencing the justice system firsthand, he’s dedicated his life to helping others navigate similar challenges and experiences that he did many years ago. Harry has a B.A in leadership and Ministry & Substance Abuse Counseling from Ohio Christian University and a Master’s degree in addiction counseling from Grand Canyon University.

Interested in working at Cafe Overlook?

Contact Harry Cox, Workforce Development Specialist, at or 614.344.8366.


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