Grant Writer, Consultant

(Remote, preferably located in Central Ohio)

To apply, please send a copy of your resume, cover letter, and three references to info (@)

Accompanying Returning Citizens with Hope (ARCH) is a nonprofit organization based in Central Ohio that is focused on reentry services. The mission of ARCH is to make the world a more welcoming place to returning citizen’s one business, organization, and faith community at a time. We exist to meet returning citizens where they are and assist them in reintegrating to the community.

ARCH is looking for a part-time Grant Writer to help build our organization’s capacity through strategic grant submission. The ideal candidate for this position will excel at writing organized, coherent, well-researched, and compelling proposals. This position plays a key role in supporting the development of the organization. The Grant Writer will work well with team members in order to learn about our projects, programs, and initiatives. They will be a deadline-driven team player with the ability to accurately surmise both quantitative and qualitative strengths to help sustain and grow our organization.

Position Responsibilities

  • Research and present grant funding opportunities and RFPs from a variety of sources
  • Gather necessary data to support effective proposals
  • Draft, edit, and manage grant proposals
  • Develop foundation/private submissions including letters of intent, funding requests, and full grants
  • Keep and maintain records of researched/drafted/submitted grants in database and filing systems
  • Research of funders and networking to identify new potential sources
  • Networking and funder research to identify new potential sources of funding from foundations and corporations

Position Requirement

  • At least three years of experience in grant writing
  • Existing knowledge of proposal writing, submission processes, and general fundraising (with a reentry focus preferred)
  • Excellent research skills and existing knowledge of grant databases/information sources
  • Successful history in fundraising with other organizations
  • Excellent writing and organizational skills that has been demonstrated
  • History of meeting deadlines
  • Skill researching and computing demographic data

Job Type: Part-time and/or 1099
Pay: $30 - $50/hour depending on experience


Reentry Peer Support Specialist

(Based in Delaware/Columbus, with travel to institutions in Marysville)

To apply, please send a copy of your resume, cover letter, and three references to info (@)

ARCH is making the world a more welcoming place to returning citizen’s one business, organization, and faith community at a time. We exist to meet returning citizens where they are and assist them in reintegrating into the community. We are partnering with Safe Habor Peer Support to pilot a reentry peer support program focused on supporting mental health and trauma for individuals returning from incarceration. 

ARCH is looking for (4) Re-Entry Peer Support Specialists to provide services to individuals preparing for reentry from County and state correctional facilities. In addition to providing trauma-informed, psychoeducational group sessions in carceral settings, the RPSS will assist in connecting clients to resources in the community post-release and will serve as a subject-matter expert in the application of skills as clients move from reentry to reintegration. Certification in Reentry Peer Support with Via Hope will be provided to those selected - a $950 value.

Re-Entry Peer Specialist Minimum Qualifications

  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Possess a valid State-Issued ID
  • Have lived experience with incarceration;

Self-attestation that you have lived experience with incarceration, demonstrate current self-directed reintegration, and be willing to appropriately share your own recovery story with participants. The attestation can be found on the application page.

  • Have a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED);
  • Be willing to appropriately share his/her own reentry story with participants;
  • Be able to demonstrate current self-directed reintegration;
  • Be at least six (6) months post-release/discharge from incarceration and/or supervision;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  • Reliable transportation;
  • Complete required training(s) before providing services.

Must include a copy of the completion certificate for one or more recognized trainings provided by Safe Harbor, and approval from the correctional facility to enter partnering institutions.

Scope of Work

Re-Entry Peer Support Specialists shall provide peer specialist services as described below:

  • All peer specialist services must be reentry-oriented, person-centered, relationship-focused, and trauma-informed. Peer specialist services may include:

a. Welcome and orient new members to the group and provide information on both the operation of the group and the function of the reentry peer support services.

b. Encourage participation and provide focus and guidance for discussions within the

c. Resource and wellness support, which includes providing information on and support with planning for reentry and recovery (as applicable);

d. Direct instruction and group facilitation;

e. Accommodation and modification of instructional materials as needed to adapt to participants learning styles and abilities;

f. Mentoring, which includes serving as a role model and providing assistance in finding needed community resources and services;

g. Advocacy, which includes providing support in stressful or urgent situations, and helping to ensure that the participant's rights are respected.

2. Services may be provided individually or in a group. Participation in peer specialist services is Voluntary.

3. The RPSS is responsible for documentation of participant progress, completion of assessments, and planning, and shall work as part of a team to assist with reentry support and linkage to reentry and mental health resources upon the participant’s release.

4. The RPSS shall inform site staff of any issues as they arise which may violate or jeopardize the functioning of the group or facility. At all times the RPSS shall follow the guidelines, policies, and procedures of both the partner institution and Safe Harbor Peer Support Services, the administration partner.

Position Requirements

  • A minimum bachelor’s degree in social work, a related field, or an equivalent combination of field experience. MSWs are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • A valid Ohio driver’s license
  • An up-to-date COVID 19 vaccination passport
  • Computer skills such as Word, SureImpact, Google Drive, etc and a willingness to learn new programs
  • Knowledge of mediation, mental health first aid, and crisis intervention methodologies
  • State licensure or professional registration with a government body is preferred

Job Types: Temporary, Contract

Pay: $20.00 per hour