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Wendy Tarr
Real Estate Agent

License: SAL.2020002004

ARCH Partners with
Branches Real Estate


Branches Real Estate is Ohio’s first nonprofit, full-service real estate agency, we provide real estate services throughout northeast Ohio.

Residential House

About Branches

Whether Branches Real Estate is helping buyers purchase their first homes, or older adults transition out of their last homes, or anyone in between, they will guide you through every step of the transaction.  

Blue House

Mission Not Commission

Branches Real Estate focuses on mission – not commission! Full time agents are not paid commissions, they are paid salaries to ensure our clients receive the same level of high-quality service whether buying or selling a $40,000 home or a $400,000 home.offer, and the benefits they will receive.

Pink Walls

Housing Stability

Branches Real Estate helps people transcend poverty by making the dream of homeownership available, affordable, and sustainable for more members of our community, simultaneously contributing to neighborhood stabilization.

Do you have a house to sell? Looking to buy?

Wendy wants to sell your house and help you find your dream home! Working with us means you'd be supporting our social enterprise. A percentage of the funds that would normally go toward the agent will be donated to ARCH.

ARCH's Other Housing Initatives

Transitional Housing

ARCH operates a transitional house for women looking to get back on their feet after being released from incarceration.

Landlord Network

Join our landlord network! ARCH works with landlords and helps to link trusted clients to stable housing.

Master Lease with Us

ARCH will hold a master lease and sublease the unit or rooms in certain cases, helping to provide a service to the landlord and the resident alike.




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