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Meeting returning citizens

where they're at.

ARCH exists to help returning citizens reintegrate into the community on their own terms. We are committed to making the world a more welcoming place for returning citizens one business, organization, and faith community at a time.


How We Can Help

Were you incarcerated and need basic necessities like clothes or hygiene products? Do you need a Birth Certificate or State ID, but aren't sure how to get one?

Many formerly incarcerated people struggle to find good, stable work. ARCH can help you find a job that will not only pay your bills, but offer benefits.

Are you struggling to find connections to other formerly incarcerated people? Do you want to find substance use or mental health support groups?


Funders & Partners


Get in Touch

P.O. Box 30167

Columbus, OH 43230


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Donations go to securing necessities for returning citizens working to get back on their feet.

Thanks for reaching out!

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