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Whitney Johnson

Whitney is a visual artist located in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Artist Statement

This painting for me signifies a cycle in which you spend recreating your mindset. A lot of mental illness mixed with being a returning citizen creates a lot of chaos within. In order to rebuild your life where the only consistent is change you have to create a sanctuary in your own mind. Once you have accomplished creating stability externally you're able to relieve yourself of these mental constraints and explore your mind in all the ways necessary to begin healing and growing. At some point on this journey you have an epiphany that if you look back at the light instead of the chaos you realize you made it, you’ve remastered yourself into a vibrant being! 

Artists and artwork were photographed by Ralphoto Studio.

Would you like to display a print of wHITNEY's piece in your cafe, gallery, church, or other location?

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