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Ohio Mental Health
& Addiction Services

The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services provides leadership for high-quality mental health and addiction, treatment, and recovery services. It operates regional psychiatric hospitals and coordinates with local alcohol, drug addiction, and mental health boards, as well as other providers.

ARCH has partnered with OMHAS for the last few years to promote education and outreach concerning the stigma of addiction and mental health.

Below are some of the projects we've created together.

Let's Talk About Stigma

During the pandemic, VOAN partnered with OMHAS to host a series of Coffee Talks about addiction and stigma. This series was particularly important because it took place during the pandemic, where isolation heightened mental health struggles.

Faith in Action |
Advent Series

In 2020, we invited viewers to consider how their faith community can take the next step bringing hope to neighbors struggling during this historically difficult time. One way is to have overdose reversal drugs on hand for anyone who needs them. This is a practical way to save lives, and something faith communities can do to extend compassion and love to all those who are suffering. We are continually addressing stigma which prevents people from seeking help for mental health or substance abuse, and congregants from giving help.


The series included theological reflection from local faith leaders, practical information on what is transpiring today, personal testimony on how the local church has helped or hurt, and opportunities for churches to move forward and help save lives.