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Dana Davis

Programs and Operations Manager

Dana is responsible for building a network of employers offering second chance employment. Dana helps employers find talented returning citizens who qualify for open positions; leverages new and existing partnerships to connect employers with resources, and counsels returning citizens directly in overcoming barriers as they return to the workplace. Dana comes to this position knowing firsthand the impact of incarceration and what it can do to a family. Her childhood and life experiences have fueled her passion & desire to help others impacted by incarceration. She has built strong community partnerships to align with the needs of the clients she serves throughout her 10 years of experience in the reentry field working in case management, program management, and workforce development. Prior to ARCH, Dana worked as a case manager with family programs at Alvis 180 and was also a program coordinator with Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland managing the Bonds Beyond Bars program. She is an entrepreneur and has had her own businesses in the past, including a transportation agency that helped transport families to visit their loved ones at the prison. She has also previously worked in a staffing agency, helping many people with criminal records obtain employment.

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