The Brown Couch | Episode 5

Good news! Episode Six of The Brown Couch with Vanita Nevis is here!

Vanita Nevis - Program Coordinator, ARCH - welcomes Ashley Shears to her couch. Ashley is an entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Together, the pair talk about what it meant to support her husband when he was incarcerated and all the challenges it entailed.

We hope you all enjoy this episode of The Brown Couch and stay tuned for future guests!


ARCH Updates

Community Pop-Up Schedule 

We have some fantastic Community Pop-Ups coming up! Look below for the schedule for the next few weeks: 

  • Saturday, October 23 | 11am – 1:30pm | the Westside Free Store, 61 South Powell Ave
  • Thursday, October 28 | 1pm – 3pm | The Church on Oakland Park 1230 Oakland Park Ave
  • Thursday, November 4| 1pm – 3pm | Broad Street United Methodist Church 501 East Broad Street

Please pass this information along to clients and individuals who might benefit from services offered. Additionally, I’m including a flyer for you to share. Let us know if you have any questions! 

For a full schedule and all event flyers visit



Additional Local Reentry Events and Updates


Hedge Around You Outreach Ministries | Bold, Broken, & Healed | Oct 23, 12pm

6119 E Main St, Columbus, Ohio

Come out to the Annual "I’m Not A Victim" Conference. Presented by Be A Fence Foundation, Hedge Around You Outreach Ministries, & Pastor Judy Whitlow.
This is a ADAMH funded program. Guest speaker Author Buffy St. John from Springfield, MO.
"If you want to be healed from past issues, current issues, brokenness, or anything your going through come and get your mind renewed and refreshed." - Pastor Judy Whitlaw


"DYS Connections" | A new newsletter from the Department of Youth Services

From Curtis Kemp, Administrator of DYS Volunteer & Religious Services:

"Welcome to “DYS Connections.” This is our new quarterly newsletter for the volunteers and community partners who work with us at the Ohio Department of Youth Services to improve the lives and communities of youth in the juvenile justice system, creating a safer, better Ohio along the way.

My purpose and goal for this newsletter is to share the latest news, programming, special projects, and youth success stories stemming from our Volunteer & Religious Services team at DYS. I especially want to highlight the important work being done by all of you – the volunteers, faith-based groups, and other community organizations determined to make a positive difference in the lives of youth in the juvenile justice system.

In past years, we produced a similar publication called “DYS Volunteer News Brief,” a quarterly hard-copy magazine. “DYS Connections” is similar in spirit, but we will produce an electronic edition only. We will post it to our website at and email it to our various community partners across the state every three months. It is my hope that you will share this newsletter far and wide, inspiring friends, family, and others to join our efforts.

For those considering volunteering with us, I’ll leave you with this thought: I believe strongly we’re all put on this earth for a purpose greater than our individual selves. We may have a lot in common, but there’s a special part in you that only you can play. Whatever that may be – even your simple presence, providing a warm human connection to a battered soul – it can make a difference, it can change lives. I guarantee it will change at least one – your own."


Don’t Go Home Without It! The Importance of Identity and Identity Documents

October 25 & October 27 | 11am - 11:45am

Join this session to hear important information on how to turn ODRC’s Release ID into permanent State ID, and how to get replacement copies of birth certificates and social security cards. These documents are needed to access services and participate in the local community. Reentry Coordinators will present information appropriate for returning citizens, family, friends, and loved ones, and community partners working with the reentry population. Obtaining these documents is the first step toward reclaiming one’s identity on the path through reentry.  

To request an invitation, send an e‐mail referencing “Don’t Go Home Without It” to Darryl Graves ~ [email protected] Please include which date you plan to attend.