The Brown Couch with Vanita Nevis | Mark Merriweather

Episode three of the Brown Couch with Vanita Nevis is truly special.

Vanita Nevis - Program Coordinator, ARCH - welcomes Mark Merriweather, returning citizen and professional business plan writer, and his son, Mark Jr to her couch to talk about what it's like to be incarcerated together, and how they're striving to break familial cycles of imprisonment. Grab a few tissues and settle in for a compassionate and heartfelt conversation between father and son. 

We hope you all enjoy this episode of The Brown Couch and stay tuned for future guests!


ARCH Updates

Community Pop-Up | June 25th, 9-12pm | Church For All People

Do you need assistance with getting birth certificates or ID vouchers? Do you know someone who needs help signing up for FCDJFS - Public Assistance Benefits?

There will be a Community Pop-Up on June 25th at Church For All People (946 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43206) from 9am - 12pm.

Services provided at the Community Pop-Up include:

  • Birth certificates and ID vouchers
  • BMV amnesty, FCDJFS - Public Assistance Benefits, Primary One/Medicaid
  • Making medical & COVID appointments
  • Hygiene bags
  • Education/Employment Connections


ARCH is raising money to get returning citizens furnishings from the Furniture Bank!

Returning citizens face steep barriers in finding housing after incarceration. If they are able to get housing, it can be a real struggle to fill it with even minimum furnishings.

With your donation, you'll be helping returning citizens make their residence feel like a real home.


Additional Local Reentry Events and Updates 

Article | The Racist Roots of Mass Incarceration in the US

By Madeleine Davison | June 1, 2021

"Editor's note: A year ago, after the murder of George Floyd, the U.S. exploded with protests bringing attention to the scourge of police violence against African Americans. Initial calls to "defund the police" have since been nuanced to call for substantive reform that includes reappropriation of funds for other social services. But policing is just part of a massive justice system that includes courts, jails and prisons. In this four-day series, "Justice Reimagined," two NCR writers look at the prison abolition and reform movements, as well as what might work better: restorative justice. The three stories on prison abolition/reform are by Bertelsen fellow Madeleine Davison; former NCR executive editor Tom Roberts reported the two pieces on restorative justice."



All in Community UMC | Saturday Circles - Family Reentry Impact

June 26 | 10am - 11:30am on Zoom

This restorative space is for community members who are living with a loved one’s reentry or who want to become a better ally to friends and loved one who are. This Saturday Circle offers you an understanding, safe, empathetic community. The goal of this Listening Circle is to create space for shared emotional connection about the impact of reentry in families. All in Community UMC aims to support individuals and help communities that have been harmed by exploring the collective experience together.


Building Bridges of Opportunity | Tuesday Talks with the ODRC

Child Support Done Right - Fact vs. Fiction

July 13the | 6pm - 7:30pm on Zoom

Child Support Orders Impacts Everyone Who Cares - Child support orders don’t go away with a parent’s incarceration. Understanding and managing child support orders appropriately during incarceration helps loving caregivers on the outside and sets up parents for better success when they return home.

Join UMC for this session when experts share what is true about child support and what is not. They will share information on how to manage child support orders during incarceration and walk through an incarcerated parent’s child support options.  

Armed with the right facts, good information, and options makes managing child support orders easier for everyone.

Registration Information Coming Soon
Questions? Contact: Darryl Graves at [email protected]



Wendy Tarr

Director, Vincentian Ohio Action Network | ARCH Reentry