Servware How To

Conference User Guide.pdf - This is a large guide created by ServWare for users.

How to login:

Login: Click here

Username and Password information can be found here.

How to add a Client

1. Log into ServWare here.

2. Click the Neighbor tab

3. Click New Neighbor

4. Fill out the information like First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code, whether they are homeless, etc. 

5. Once you are done, click Save


6. After you have saved a new Neighbor, go to Programs and click it.


7. Click the New Program Assignment


8. Under Program, select ARCH.

9. Under Status, click Confirmed

10. Under Date Assigned, put the date you initiated contact OR the date you are putting them in ServWare if you can't remember


Complete a call or a request with a Client

1. Log into ServWare here.

2. Click the Requests tab

3. Click Edit on the open request.

4. Under Status, mark Complete

5. Record any notes under Request Notes

6. Check Visit Complete 

7. Fill out Hours 

8. Fill out Scheduled Date

9. Fill out Time

10. If the assistance item is a referral, click Referral Information above the Save and Cancel buttons

11. Click Rerrered to Agency and specify which agency under Agency 1, Agency 2, Agency 3, Agency 4

10. Click Assistance

11. Click New Assistance Item


How to make an assistance request for a Neighbor

1. Click on the Neighbor tab

2. Use the Search bar to look for the Neighbor

3. Click the Req button on the Neighbor line

4. Fill out Status

5. Assign the assistance to a ZCHC Volunteer in Assigned To

6. Record any notes for the Request in Request Notes

7. Mark Other in Visit Details

8. Assign the visit to a ZCHC Volunteer in Assigned To (1)

9.Click Save