LEAF (Listening, Encouraging, and Accompanying Families of the Incarcerated) is a resource and referral ministry that offers a community of compassion, caring, and support to families and loved ones of the incarcerated, irrespective of faith affiliation.  

Accompaniment Network

ARCH helps to link community volunteers with opportunities to accompany those returning to the community from incarceration as they reestablish their lives back in the community. We also help link volunteers to programs inside the jail or prison that assist with reentry planning and support, and we would be happy to share more information with you to see if there is a fit!

Business Network 

ARCH has created a network of employers and business leaders that promote second chance employment and assists persons with criminal records to access jobs. We believe in the power of relationships and the strength of a well educate public. As such, ARCH helps educate, provide resources, and equip business leaders interested in learning more about how to offer employment opportunities to returning citizens.