One of the most critical challenges impacting the ability of returning citizens to lead full, successful lives is the 72-hours immediately following incarceration.

Some returning citizens exit incarceration without means of transportation. This means that reaching parole appointments, government agencies, or attending job interviews is virtually impossible. Others may have little to no clothing or personal hygiene materials. Additionally, a large percentage of those exiting incarceration lack housing, and must, therefore, pursue emergency shelter (which, if they have no transportation, can be difficult to reach).

ARCH Navigators are a group of trained volunteers who accompany reentering citizens in the first 72-hours and beyond. Our Navigators provide transportation in order to obtain important documents such as state IDs and birth certificates, as well as provide basic assistance in understanding resources that agencies and organizations provide.

Please click the button below if you'd like to get more information on accompaniment and volunteering with ARCH. If you have been recently released, or are the family/friend of a person who is soon to be released and would like more information, please visit our contact page HERE

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pillar two family support

LEAF (Listening, Encouraging, and Assisting Families of the Incarcerated) operates under ARCH in order to provide practical resources, referral ministry, comfort, and solidarity to friends and family of the incarcerated. ARCH also offers training and support for faith communities interested in building a peer support group for families who have incarcerated loved ones.

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pillar three business network


The ARCH Business Network helps to educate, provide resources, and equip business leaders interested in learning more about how to offer employment opportunities to returning citizens. 

If you'd like more information on the Business Network, or would like to join the network, please contact our Business Network Manager, Dana Davis at [email protected] or (614) 937-6086


pillar four direct needs

ARCH assists community members and faith communities interested in organizing outreach projects like collecting goods to meet the tangible needs of people returning home from prison or jail. Items collected can be winter coats, personal hygiene items, housewarming baskets, etc.

ARCH operates a service pledge program where business owners, employers, and trade persons can pledge services to one or more formerly incarcerated persons in order to assist them in their transition. Pledges are as diverse as the businesses that offer them. Some examples include, but are not limited to: a free haircut, an oil change, HVAC servicing, etc. For a more comprehensive list, please download our pdf here

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