Are you an employer or a business owner looking to access a high-skilled, overlooked labor pool?

 Studies have found that more than half of returning citizens did not have steady employment eight months after their release. Unemployment raises the likelihood of someone reoffending. This means that those who are unable to find employment are likely to end up back in prison, thereby continuing a costly and harmful cycle.

We are committed to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship where you and your organization get as much out of a partnership with ARCH as possible. We will match you with the right candidate; provide comprehensive employee coaching on resolving conflict, planning for emergencies, and how to be a good employee; and provide wrap around employer coaching on applying for tax credits, resolving conflicts, and recruiting strategies 

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ARCH has partnered with the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services to support Cafe Overlook


Located on the 16th floor of the Franklin County Courthouse, Cafe Overlook is a collaborative project from Service! Relief for Hospitality Workers, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners, ARCH, and ECDI.

ARCH provides comprehensive workforce development, coaching, and case management to individuals who are offered employment at Cafe Overlook. The ARCH curriculum provides employees with the tools and resources needed to establish sustainability and build good employee and employer relationships. ARCH supports the leadership at Cafe Overlook in working positively with a demographic that often presents complex social needs. We help ensure a healthy and stable workforce by establishing a pipeline linking employees directly to community resources that address social needs, while identifying other candidates for employment at Cafe Overlook that fit the mission of the organization.

All Cafe employees begin at $15 an hour and after 90 days are eligible for paid time off and health insurance. Free parking while at work and a free bus pass is also provided. In order to receive these benefits, they must adhere to our program guidelines and be working full time (35-40 hours a week) at the Cafe.




Interested in working at Cafe Overlook?

Contact Harry Cox, Workforce Development Specialist, at [email protected] or 614.344.8366.








Restored citizen: the realities of life for the formerly incarcerated